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Mar 15, 2012
@ 11:00 pm

SayClip launches on Mac OS X


I’m pleased to say that SayClip has made its way onto Mac OS X. This felt like a natural extension of the platform that started on iOS and the web, moved to Android, and now is part of OS X. The app really has seamless integration to users’ desktop screens because it runs off the menu bar similar to other apps, such as Dropbox. While it is running in the background, the app icon will be dark until you receive a “SayClip” from one of your contacts, at which point it will light up, just like the image above. This is a subtle indicator of a new message which users can respond to on their own time.

The app is quite dead simple to use and there is absolutely no learning curve. In fact, I believe a 5 year old could use it if they tried.

Here is an example of how the app runs, when there are no new messages:

Here is how it looks when there is a new message:

I think the great thing about being able to use SayClip from your desktop or laptop is mainly the ease of use, but the whole experience is much faster than using it from a mobile device. Uploading a message doesn’t take long at all, viewing a message, etc- nothing takes more than a few seconds to do. Since SayClip allows people to group message each other, this is a perfect tool for families to share special moments or even just say “hi” more often, privately- knowing only their recipients will be able to view the content and not anyone on the internet!

The app has been in private beta for the past few weeks and was being used across various continents. Users across these continents have expressed this has changed the way they’ve stayed in touch with family recently. No more waiting for those once a month Skype sessions with 8-12 hour time differences. No more expensive phone calls overseas. Even within the nation, people have expressed the ease of sending a message has made them kind of addicted to the service since they can send a simple “hello” while they are checking emails at work.

So I’ve given you my spiel, now go download SayClip for Mac OS X and let me know what YOU think! Head over to and click the ‘now available on Mac’ badge to download. By the way, it’s free. And there are no ads.

P.S. A lot of companies have forgotten about the desktop! Every tech company that matters has an iOS app and probably an Android app, but many have forgot that people spend the most time behind the screen of their computer when it comes to gadgets. This is one of the main reasons we’ve created a native SayClip Mac OS X app :)